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Thinking about worming your pet?

by | Jun 24, 2019

Cockerpoo Max at Park Vets

Read about how Max battled with Lungworm

As tapeworm generally cause few clinical signs in dogs themselves, the first time you might become aware is when you spot segments near you pet’s bottom or in their faeces. This disgusting discovery can cause significant anxiety for owners so take action and buy good quality wormers.

Remember though that the tapeworm Dipylidium Caninum is only controlled by adequate flea control on your pet, so swallowing a flea that carries the Tapeworm egg sets off the cycle – use good quality flea treatment from us that kills all the fleas!

Great outdoors
Is your pet exposed to farm land or small wild rodents and has your dog lived or travelled abroad with you? If yes, then they may have been exposed to Taenia and Echinococcus both of which can affect humans too!

Raw meaty diets
Does your pet eat raw meat as part of their diet? Again Taenia and Echinococcus that are normally killed by the cooking process become a risk to both you and your pet. This is especially a problem if your pet lives in a family environment with small children, older people or immunocompromised individuals.

Scavenger hunt
Does your pet scavenge carcasses or hunt ie rabbits or eat animal faeces such as fox poo when out walking? Taenia and Echinococcus are again concerns so you must worm your pet adequately.

Summer holidays
Is your dog going on a walking holiday with you to mid Wales, the Welsh border, Herefordshire and the Western Isles of Scotland? These areas are at risk of Echinococcus so make sure you worm your dog before leaving.

Playing with toys left in the garden
Do you leave your pet’s toys and water bowl in the garden overnight? This leaves your dog at risk of catching Lungworm from any slugs or snails that may have crawled over these items overnight. Lungworm can be fatal in your pet, so make sure they are wormed regularly!


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