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Veterinary Nurses

Qualified vet nurses at Park vets

Veterinary Nurses
Our team of qualified nurses at Park are all fully trained and either registered or listed with The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). They work alongside the vets to ensure your pet receives the best of treatment. On a daily basis a nurse can work in theatre, ward or pharmacy.

Student vet nurse at Park Vets

Trainee Nurses
The trainee nurses at Park are all in the process of taking their exams and studying at college 1 or 2 days a week to become registered veterinary nurses (RVNs). When not at college they work in the centre supporting the registered nurses and working as part of the team with the vets whilst learning the practical side of the course.

Debbie Harvey RVN Small Animal Manager
Debbie joined us in 1991 as a student nurse, qualifying in 1994, and has been a part of the nursing team ever since. Debbie went on to become Head Nurse and was responsible for our student training. In 2016 she became our Small Animal manager. Debbie has a cat called Flynn who was adopted from here as a stray in 2010.

Eliza McGuigan RVN certVNECC Head of Clinical Nursing
Eliza joined the Park Veterinary Centre in September 1998 and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2001. She is in charge of veterinary nurse training, in-patient care and all aspects of nursing practice. She has special interests in medical nursing, laboratory work and emergency and critical care – in which she gained a specialist nursing certificate in 2015. She enjoys a challenge and is extremely dedicated to providing a high standard of patient welfare and to training our nurses to that same standard. She enjoys peace and quiet, baking and photography. She is often seen indulging the whims of Daisy, the practice cat, whom she loves dearly.

Carol McGuigan RVN, BVNA CertCABCertSAN, Dip AS (CABC), BA Hons (Hist)
Carol joined us (or should we say we all joined her) in 1967 and was the first nurse to be trained at ‘Johnson & Daniels’ back in the days when we were based at Clarendon Road. Qualifying in 1970 she went on to become the Head Nurse but then left us to raise her son and daughter. Luckily she returned in 1985 and has been with us ever since.We think the building may collapse if she left, as with the ravens and the Tower of London!

Our Branch Surgery Nurses
Viv Rowbottom
Viv Rowbottom
Viv is a registered Veterinary Nurse. She currently shares the management of the branch clinic with Anne. Viv has been part of the Park Vet’s team since 1988 although she has had a little time out to have 3 children. She is not a home- grown Park Veterinary Nurse- as Viv trained in Yorkshire and attended college in Staffordshire. Viv enjoys running nurse clinics for micro-chipping, worming advice etc and helping run the Puppy Playgroup.

She is especially interested in nutrition having studied a diploma in this area and is able to give advice and support. In her free time she enjoys pilates, learning French and is passionate about her garden. She has also completed an IT course where she learnt about a different type of mouse!

Anne Cook
Anne Cook
Anne joined the staff (of 6) at J & D as a trainee nurse in 1971 when the surgery was situated opposite the Palace Theatre in Clarendon Road. Her starting salary was 4 per week! Although there have been tremendous advances in Veterinary Medicine some things never change and Anne says Vet Nursing remains a very fulfilling vocation.

During her career Anne has been involved in many aspects of vet life and has watched our Practice and its team spirit grow into the impressive establishment it is today.

She shares responsibility of being Branch Manager at Katherine Place with Viv. Anne was allowed time off for good behaviour 3 times over the years, just long enough to produce 3 sons, the youngest of whom is a Veterinary Surgeon (of course she is proud!). Her hobbies include charity work, walking, cycling and sewing.

Debra Chalk
Debra Chalk
Debra commenced training with Park Veterinary Centre in 1981 and qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 1983. Debra has had short breaks when her 4 children were born.

Debra shares the veterinary nursing duties at the Branch Surgery and is also responsible for the massive challenge of stock control, and covering reception on a Thursday morning. Debra enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and is an enthusiastic dog walker and rollerskater!

Lauren Penwright
Lauren Penwright
Lauren is a registered veterinary nurse who qualified in 2005. She joined the team in 2015 on a part-time basis. Lauren shares the veterinary nursing duties at the branch surgery and assists with nurse clinics and helping with puppy playgroup on a Wednesday afternoon.

She holds a diploma in nutrition and is on hand to offer any advice and support for clients who are worried about their animal’s weight.

When not at work most of her free time is taken up with looking after her young son. Lauren enjoys the outdoors, reading and visiting the theatre.


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Veterinary Nurses


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