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In-Patient Ward

kennels at Park VetsUnlike many other local Veterinary Practices, The Park Veterinary Centre has a large in-patient ward with dedicated nursing staff to look after your sick pets. Our in-patient ward provides 24 hour nursing care in a calm and quiet environment separate from the daily hustle and bustle of the working practice.

Your pet will receive one-to-one constant nursing care throughout their stay. Separate wards are provided for dogs and cats to ensure the environment is as stress free as possible. A grassed outdoor area is also available for exercising dogs.

In addition to our main ward, we have a self-contained isolation ward for patients with contagious diseases. This minimises risk. We encourage owners to give us as much information as possible about your pet’s character and normal routine to enable us to, not only provide the best care for their condition, but also to care for them as individuals.

We understand that leaving your pet at the veterinary surgery can be very stressful for both you and your pet. You are therefore welcome to visit your pet during periods of hospitalisation. Generally most times can be accommodated if pre-arranged with the nursing staff. This also gives you the opportunity to speak directly with your pet’s nurse to discuss their progress.

If you would like to make any enquiries about our in-patient ward, please contact the surgery and speak to Eliza our Ward Nurse on 01923 229455.