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All of our consultations are booked by appointment in order to limit your waiting time. Please bear in mind that emergencies do occur and can delay the appointment schedule. When booking in your appointment you can request a specific vet. This is encouraged so that you, your pet and the vet can get to know each other.

consults at Park Vets checking eye of a catWe consult Monday to Friday throughout the day with the last appointment at 6.30pm. We also consult on Saturday mornings 9am-12pm. Appointments are also available at our branch surgery and these are offered at different times, including Saturday afternoon, please see Park Veterinary Clinic, Leavesden section where we are open till 7pm.

Please see the “Out of hours” section for information on evening and weekend emergency appointments.

We offer a “cat only” surgery from 8am on Thursday mornings at our branch surgery and hope that this dog-free environment is less stressful especially for the more timid cats and those more difficult to handle.

The clinical records are linked between our two surgeries, so you can rest assured that all vets and nurses at either site will have full access to your pet’s clinical history.