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New Puppy Information



Can be started from 8 weeks of age. The initial course is 2 injections 2-4 weeks apart with your puppy being fully protected 2 weeks after the second vaccination. After this, vaccinations must be kept up to date with a yearly booster.


This should be done every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Then monthly till 6 months old. Adults should be wormed at least every 3 months. Those households with very young children should consider worming monthly.


The only way to prevent flea infestation is regular use of flea products. Our staff will be happy to advise you on appropriate products.


Males: from 12 months of age onwards (possibly earlier if behavioural problems materialise that have been discussed at the practice).


At this practice we recommend that bitches are spayed 16 weeks from the beginning of their first season. We think it is important to discuss neutering with a vet or nurse beforehand.


We would strongly recommend pet insurance. There are many companies offering insurance. Due to FSA regulations we cannot recommend particular insurance policies, all we would say is read the small print carefully.


This is a small electronic chip that is inserted under the skin to provide details of your pet’s identity should they go missing and it is a requirement by law for dogs. The implantation procedure is simple and relatively painless and can be done during a single consultation from the 2nd vaccination onwards, but is offered at a reduced fee if done whilst under an anaesthetic (i.e. at neutering).


Simple home training should be started immediately and we would recommend socialisation as soon as your puppy is vaccinated. The practice holds free ‘Puppy Parties’ to help with early socialisation and training as well as other helpful advice and we strongly recommend that all new puppies attend.