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Firework Fears

by | Sep 30, 2018

Are your pets affected by fireworks?

It can be very stressful for our pets this time of year.

Here is a Park Vets video and below are some of our top tips to help them cope over the coming months.

Here are some top tips to help your pet:

Stay calm yourself
Over soothing your dog may increase the intensity of the experience. Instead stay calm and act normally and consider distracting them with a chew, toy, puzzle feeder or game. Do not fuss your pets or they will instinctively react to this – just be as normal as possible and keep a routine.

Provide a den
Create an enclosed ‘safe place’ for your pet to hide. Cover the top and 3 sides of a crate, table or cupboard near the centre of the home or where they have previously hidden. Make it comfortable. You can even add a jumper or t-shirt of yours that will smell familiar to them. Let them come and go as they like.

Try and mask the sound
By putting the TV on or playing some music, especially if pets are left home alone.

Avoid walking dogs at night
When fireworks are being set off, try morning or noon walks.

Keep cats indoors
Place plenty of litter trays, especially by usual exit points.

Muffle the sound
By closing the curtains and windows.

Maintain your routine
Try to keep all other routines as normal as possible such as feeding times

Prepare for next year
With advice from our nurses and vets – remember to book a free of charge appointment with one of our nurses for advice and to discuss medications that can help keep them as calm as possible.

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