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Cassie ate an easter egg

by | Jul 22, 2015

cassie the sharpeiCassie is a lively 3 year old Shar Pei cross who has been a regular visitor to the vets. Her worried owner phoned as she realised that Cassie had eaten an Easter Egg that had been hidden by the owner’s partner.

As it is the cocoa bean that is poisonous to dogs, the strength of the chocolate (ie the percentage of cocoa solids) and the amount eaten is the determining factor as to whether we have to intervene or just expect a bit of an upset stomach.

The symptoms of chocolate poisoning are neurological so we would see twitching but can result in seizures or even an animal dying.

In this case the amount eaten, although milk chocolate meant it was best for Cassie to be made sick. If the ingestion of chocolate is more than 2 hours ago it may have already passed through the stomach and therefore induced vomiting (emesis) is not so useful.

The sooner we see an animal after it has eaten something it shouldn’t is therefore very important. If in doubt always phone us as soon as you know what has happened rather than wait to see if it will be ok.

Cassie was injected with the appropriate drug and very shortly brought up the egg, almost in one piece! She went home after about 30 minutes a little subdued. Unfortunately, dogs do not learn from these episodes but perhaps the humans do by keeping poisonous or dangerous items locked away from canine mouths!

Some interesting things that dogs have vomited up over the years at Park Vets include:
• Swimming goggles
• Swimming hat
• Underwear
• Socks
• Plastic toys
• Conkers
• Elastic bands
• Corn on the Cob
• Marbles
• Brillo Pads
• Grapes including the stalks!

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