Equine case of the month

Millie had not been chewing properly for a little while, so her owner booked a visit to have her teeth checked.
She was still able to eat, although every now and then she would spit out some bits of hay or carrot.
On inspection of her mouth, the vet discovered that a stick had become wedged between her upper cheek teeth with one end partially embedded in the mucosa of the hard palate. This came as quite a surprise as it is an uncommon occurrence in horses ( more common in cattle and dogs) and would normally be associated with a greater degree of discomfort, particularly when eating carrots or apples! The stick was carefully removed under sedation. Two deep ulcers had formed where the stick had involved the hard palate and a course of antibiotics and pain killers was prescribed. Daily flushes with salty water were administered. Mouth ulcers normally heal very quickly once the cause has been removed, and we are happy to report that Millie is already on the road to making a complete recovery.
Fig 1. Stick after removal
Fig 2.Ulcerated area caused by the stick
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