Visits and Consultations


Routine visits can be arranged through the office and take place between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  We are available for emergencies on a 24hr, 365 days a year basis.

A routine visit required for your horse's inoculations or teeth rasping etc. can be booked in advance and we will endeavour to offer you the day and veterinary surgeon of your choice. If the horse is kept at a livery yard we would attempt to book clients in at the same visit which would reduce the callout fee (a shared visit).

Our visit fees are worked out on a radius (in miles) from the main surgery in Watford, and are divided up into zones. If clients are able to be flexible we will attempt to arrange visits that are in close proximity and consequently offer a reduction in cost. We do not offer a free visit service as we feel this invariably "comes at a cost" to all concerned!

In general we are able to offer clients "visits" with the veterinary surgeon of their choice and on the day requested (emergency work permitting), at a standard visit fee. Any animal requiring a visit on the day we are contacted will always be seen that day.


During a visit a consultation will include an examination and advice and where applicable, treatment will be administered and dispensed.

If further investigations are needed e.g. nerve blocks, radiography, ultrasonography etc., we would probably arrange a mutually suitable time to come back unless time was available to carry out the procedure(s) there and then.

All procedures will be carried out at the yard – ‘in the comfort of their own home’ - and horses will only be referred if a specialist opinion is required or where surgical intervention in hospital surroundings is indicated.