Routine visits and examination:  
Our office staff are experienced and well trained for making the necessary arrangements for vets and/or equine technicians to attend to your horse. 

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    Pre-Purchase Examinations
    These are carried out prior to purchasing or insuring your horse and are procedures that follow guidelines recommended by B.E.V.A. This would normally involve a 5-stage examination or in case of ‘mortality only’ insurance 2-stage.
    Inoculating your horse, pony or donkey against certain infectious diseases e.g.Influenza, Tetanus and Equine Herpes is an integral part of their health plan.  
    Microchip and Passport Applications
    It is now mandatory that all horses presented for completion of a passport require the insertion of a microchip (in the absence of any existing microchip). In addition BSJA and FEI rules state that first time horses need to be micro-chipped prior to registration.

    General Health Advice:
    • Worming Programmes
    • ­Feeding
    • Managing the Older Horse
    Lameness Examinations:
    • Full Lameness Workup
    • Nerve Blocks
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    Remedial Footcare
    This would most commonly involve corrective/remedial hoof trimming + / - the application of glue on remedial shoes i.e. imprint shoes in cases of laminitis.

    Mobile Diagnostic Imaging:
    These imaging procedures are carried out within the horses’ home environment thereby eliminating the stress associated with leaving home, travelling and then encountering unfamiliar surroundings. They are mostly used for diagnostic purposes but can be helpful when performing certain treatments e.g. foreign body removal; sacro-iliac joint medication etc.
    • Digital Radiography
    • Digital Ultrasonography
    • Pregnancy Diagnosis
    • Endoscopy of the Respiratory Tract

    Medical Investigations:
    • Blood Testing ­
    • Skin Biopsies ­
    • Worm Egg Counts

    Dental Assessments and Treatment
    Regular oral/dental inspections in horses of all ages are a necessary part of  general care as abnormalities occurring in the mouth can lead to certain health issues and complications when ridden (or driven).
    Surgical Procedures:
    • ­Routine castration
    • Tumour removal
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