Weight Reduction Clinics


We have nutrition advisors at both our main and branch surgery and advice on weight reduction and control is available at both locations.
At the Cassiobury surgery you can book an appointment to see Carol for advice on weight reduction and weight monitoring.

Many people are discouraged from following a diet plan to reduce their petís weight because they believe they will not be able to feed any treats. Treats will always be worked into the plan so that your pet is not deprived of expected rewards and you do not end up feeling unkind by not giving extra titbits.

You will be asked to keep a food diary of everything you give your dog including treats. It is important to weigh all the food so the correct amount of calories can be calculated. At the first appointment Carol will weigh your pet and then work out how many calories to feed daily and will devise a diet plan which will include treats.

Your pet will then come for regular monitoring of weight loss so that the loss is not too fast or too slow and when your pet reaches his or her target weight help will be given on how to maintain it.

The first thing you may notice when your pet loses only a small amount of weight is that he or she has more energy and may enjoy walks and play more.

Many owners have overweight pets and it is usually a result of loving them and sharing with them rather than the opposite so you will not be judged for having an overweight pet but congratulated for recognising that it is a problem and for trying to remedy it.