To all Rabbit owners

We would like to make you aware that we have had several reports of VHD 2 and myxomatosis in the Watford area. Both of these diseases are frequently fatal and have limited treatment options. We would strongly recommend that all rabbits are vaccinated against both VHD 1 and VHD 2, as well as myxomatosis. Unfortunately there is not yet one single vaccine which will cover all three diseases. We are therefore advising a combination of two vaccines, given two weeks apart which will provide full protection for your rabbit.

While Myxomatosis is spread by fleas, VHD is spread from contaminated soil and bird droppings etc. These can easily be brought into your home or garden on shoes and clothing or even in the hay or straw, so even indoor or isolated rabbits are at risk.

For more information on VHD please go to the following expert’s website –

Please contact the surgery if you wish to discuss your rabbits vaccination status or arrange an appointment.




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