Special / Seasonal offers

Are your catís vaccines up to date?

Re-start your catís vaccinations for the price of a booster, a saving of up to £34.50.

During May, June and July 2017 we are running a cat vaccine amnesty. If your catís vaccines have lapsed, then a full primary course (2 vaccines 3-4 weeks apart) will need to be given.  During our amnesty we are able to offer the primary course for the price of a single booster.
Annual vaccines protect against Leukaemia, Cat Flu and Enteritis, as well as giving our vets the opportunity to give your pet a yearly Health Check.
If your catís vaccine is more than 3 months overdue, and you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment during May, June and July. Please make sure to mention the amnesty when booking.

(Donít worry, your Dogís have not been forgotten! We are planning an amnesty for them too later in the year. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details.)

Other offers

Bravecto Dog - Buy 3 x 3month treatments and receive the 4th free of charge (offer runs all year round buy 3 treatments within 12 months to receive free dose)
Milbemax - Buy a 4 pack and only pay for 3 tablets (offer runs all year round)