Caring for Cats

Below is a list of the major ways that the practice goes about reducing stress levels in our feline patients
  • All our staff are familiar with cats and their needs and the nurses and vets are trained in feline handling and behaviour.
  • Segregated waiting area that is designed to enable cat carriers to be placed either under the seats (behind the owners legs), on adjacent seats or on a raised corner shelf.
  • Clean towels are available at reception that can be used to cover wire cat carriers if so desired (thereby reducing close visual contact with other 'unfamiliar' cats)
  • Dedicated area on the Reception counter for placement of carriers whilst client is booking in (avoids a possible face to face encounter with a dog that is "next in the queue").
  • Reception staff are very aware of the negative effects that a noisy dog in the waiting area can have on other patients and have a set up that can deal with this.
  • Cats are provided with their own preoperative and post operative area and there is a dedicated ward for hospitalisation of cats
  • All the aforementioned areas are provided with Feliway calming pheromone diffusers.
  • Our Branch surgery in Leavesden has a session of "cat only" consultations.
  • Home visits(discounted but require booking in advance) for routine procedures are available, which means the patient can be attended to in the comfort of its own environment.
  • Membership of the International Society of Feline Medicine enables the practice to provide up to date information on feline diseases and have access to client information leaflets.

Here are some Park Veterinary Centre information sheets:

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