Ellie the Brahma Hen

Happy Easter Chick!

Ellie, a young Brahma hen, was brought in one Saturday last November in a very bad way.  A fox had managed to get into her flock’s coup and killed all but two of her companions.  One was untouched and the other, Miranda, brought in with Ellie.  Unfortunately the combination of shock and her injuries was too much for Miranda and we had to euthanase her on humane grounds.
Ellie was also suffering from shock and had injuries to her face and neck.  She was struggling to breathe as the fox had punctured an air sac along her back.  This wound was flushed and stapled closed to prevent escape of air and Ellie was placed into an oxygen cage.  She was given supportive fluids, pain relief and antibiotic injections and left quietly to recover.  By the morning her breathing had improved and although her neck was swollen and she was covered in bruises, she went home to her devoted owner for some home TLC and general nursing.  As her injuries improved she was able to eat more comfortably, her feathers grew back and amazingly she now looks like nothing ever happened!
She has now moved to live in a specially reinforced chicken coup and has some new friends to keep her company.  Her owner is hoping that Ellie will soon start producing some eggs, maybe in time for Easter…..