Basil the British Shorthair Cat

Basil is one of our favourite patients.  This is because he was a regular visitor to us for many months and despite an horrendous injury was always extremely amenable and put up with extensive treatment without making any fuss at all.  He came in to the surgery having been seen as an emergency at Vets Now the night before.  He had come home after being missing for several days with a gruesome injury.  The skin normally covering his back leg was effectively around his ankle.  Of course no-one has any idea how or when this happened.  These can be challenging injuries to fix as the skin which has been pulled off shrinks and its blood supply can be damaged in the accident.  This means sometimes there is not enough healthy skin to cover the exposed area.  Basil had his wound flushed thoroughly to remove any contamination and the wound was tacked up as far as possible without putting too much tension on it.  His leg was bandaged to keep the wound clean and moist, and to restrict movement of his leg whilst the wound was healing.

The healing process took many weeks of multiple dressings and gradual pulling of the skin up his leg until the skin reattached to the underlying tissue.  Over time the deficit filled in and the skin edges contracted and pulled together.  This required a lot of patience from Basil's owners, the vets and nurses, and of course Basil himself!  Normally these dressings and stitching are done under sedation or anaesthetic but Basil was so good he just had face rubs and cuddles from the nurses whilst he underwent these lengthy sessions!  This made it much better for Basil as his body didnít have to cope with repeated sedative drugs and better for the owner as it saved them lots of money!

The photos show the original injury and the process of repair through to where we left Basil to the final bit of healing.

Basil's Wound