Genesis the German Shepherd Puppy

Genesis is a five month old German Shepherd puppy who came all the way from Poland.  She had been happily living with her new owners for about a month before she became unwell.  Genesis started urinating in the house (having been toilet trained) and then started vomiting and was unable to keep any food or water down.
On examination she had a high temperature and also pain on palpation of her kidneys.  We collected a urine sample, examined it under the microscope and found red blood cells and bacteria.  The symptoms and clinical findings meant that we were suspicious of a kidney infection as a bladder infection would not have made her so unwell.  Oral antibiotic treatment was started.
There was no improvement overnight, so the next day she was admitted for intravenous fluid therapy to support her kidneys and intravenous antibiotics to more aggressively treat the infection.  An ultrasound scan confirmed changes in the kidney consistent with pyelonephritis (infection of the kidney).   We sent a urine sample to the lab we use to see if the bacteria could be cultured.  This is so we could be sure she was receiving the correct antibiotics.  Unfortunately, the lab were unable to culture anything from the urine but were able to confirm pus in the urine.
With the supportive treatment given, Genesis quickly improved and soon returned to her usual bouncy, happy self.    Genesis is currently receiving a prolonged course of antibiotics as it can take a good while to clear infections from the kidney, but happily is feeling much better.