Mr Starr's Retirement

On 2nd October 2015 we held an evening of celebration to acknowledge Mr Starr's retirement from being a partner at the Park Veterinary Centre. Mr Starr has worked at the Park Veterinary Centre for 43 years, and his only job. This evening was for staff past and present to enjoy food, drink and speeches and to join in Mr Starr's celebrations. Mr Starr's partnershipofficially ended at the end of September 2015.
From 28th October 2015 Mr Starr will be returning to work Thursdays and Fridays at the Park Veterinary Centre. It will be a dramatic change but he is looking forward to more time for cycling up mountains, photography and all of his other interests. We wish him well in his semi-retirement.
Sadly Mr Starr has decided to make his retirement full-time! This will be a great loss to the practice that he has been a part of for almost 45 years.
We will be holding a small celebration on 31st March 2017 11.30am to 1.30pm to wish him well in his retirement.

Mr Starr's Retirement Do