The Park Veterinary Centre are pleased to introduce our resident feline, Daisy. Sheís very independent and insisted on putting together her own web page.
ďHello, my name is Daisy.
I arrived at the surgery in 2009 
after an argument with a car.
My pelvis was broken leaving me 
with some problems that the
professionals at The Park
volunteered to help me with.  

I have to say, Iíve fallen on my feet.
My average day starts with a leisurely breakfast in the ward. After which I make my way up to the accounts department (you may see me en route if itís raining outside)
I help prepare the staff wages before a nap on my chair (which is bedecked with toys Ė Iím a very simple cat and Iím really not that interested but you have to humour these people, bless them).
Around about late afternoon I head back towards the ward for dinner, stopping at the pharmacy along the way to help answer phones and sort out some repeat prescriptions. 
The pharmacy staff find my help invaluable and often give me a lift back up to the ward afterwards.
I love the sunshine and make sure I get lots of it when itís around, taking part in a bit of car park surveillance (please look out for me).
Cold weatherís not so nice and I prefer to stay indoors making the odd (prohibited) appearance in the reception area in the evenings.
I admit this is a little bit cheeky but I do love to know whatís going on.
I think I bring a special something to the Park Veterinary Centre, and I look forward to meeting you.Ē   
Thatís our Daisy. We know that you love your pets, the Park loves theirs too.