The Practice

Park Veterinary Centre is a "Mixed Practice" which means we provide veterinary healthcare for both companion animals (ie., dogs and cats etc.) and horses/farm animals. The practice is an independent business owned by two equal partners and is not part of a corporate conglomerate.

The partners and staff have a genuine, common desire to care for your pet and yourself and would always seek to place your pet's needs ahead of profit. The well being of our patients is paramount to us.

We feel that our ethos and approach have enabled us to retain high quality, caring staff, many of whom have been "part of the team" for a considerable length of time. They are encouraged to develop their skills, ideas and special interests via Continuing Professional Development. Inevitably individuals' special interests tend to lead to "specialization" and we are fortunate to have a fairly wide range of interests that our vets/senior nurses consider their "specialized subject". The success of the practice is dependent upon the expertise and attitude of the support staff and our vets appreciate the fact that they work in unison with a strong team of nurses and auxiliary staff. Many of our nurses have been trained at our practice. We are an approved training centre for nurses. In addition we have our own dedicated accounts /admin. team that play a very important role in the every day running of the practice. We also have a dedicated team who provide administration and healthcare for horses and other large, domesticated animals.

The main surgery is based at 256, Cassiobury Drive where we have 4 consulting rooms and 2 fully equipped operating theatres. An In House laboratory enables us to carry out a wide range of tests, some of which are particularly useful when urgent results are required. If hospitalization of your pet is deemed prudent by the veterinary surgeon, our ward, which is manned 24 hours a day, will provide a safe and quiet environment to ensure your pet is properly cared for. We are fortunate to have a well established and thriving branch surgery at Katherine Place, Leavesden where consultations (by appointment) are available throughout the day until early evening. Pet products are available for purchase and prescriptions may be collected from this address with prior warning. Our very popular Puppy Playgroups take place here.
We are very proud of our history that most certainly predates all of the present "incumbents", as the origins of the practice can be traced back as far as the late 19th century. However the practice in it's more traditional format dates back to 1922 when Messrs Trewin, Barr and Gale were partners.